Would you like to travel the world and explore more unknown cultures and countries? Connect with the community, connect to the world, meet more friends with unique backgrounds and stories? Explore yourself as an individual and discover the hidden exceptional talents within you?

The Jockey Club Glocal Hero Action Program enables our youth to unleash their unlocked and unique potential in an empowering environment. Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Trust, VolTra has organised the flagship programme of “Jockey Club Glocal Hero Tournament” that aspires to nurture the social responsibilities of future leaders. 

Through a series of social missions, design thinking workshops as well as local and overseas workcamps, the programme hopes to instil a sense of global citizenship into the mindset of the youth participants to inspire their curiosity, empathy as well as local and global awareness.  Participants are encouraged to initiate innovative social projects to inspire change from the ground up through forming teams to take part in various community experiential tasks and to gain awareness of local communities and their respective social issues. 

Over the past three years, more than 200 special citizens have visited Iceland, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan, with the newly added locations such as North Korea, Mexico and Mongolia and more, encouraging participants to explore the world at the same time they explore the potential possibilities of themselves!

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About VolTra

Founded in 2009, VolTra is a non-governmental organization that aims to encourage everyone to take part in global and local action, promoting international volunteer services in Hong Kong. We curate journeys that enrich glocal vision and cultivate impactful actions. VolTra hopes to be a platform that connects international and local volunteers and contributes to the promotion of world peace and the promotion of world citizenship.

VolTra is dedicated to cultivating a voluntary culture fuelled with passion. We encourage participants to build friendship, diversified teams and communities through our programmes. We wish to promote co-creating and co-owning in a fun way. 

Volunteer tours and international work camp organizations around the world provide more than 4,000 international work camps and volunteer service programs in about 100 countries around the world every year are organised by VolTra.

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