A: Enrolment and Logistics

Do I need any qualifications to participate in the programme?

You only need to be:

  • Aged between 16-29 years old (before 31st August 2020)
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Able to participate in the mandatory events (see Q6)
  • Equipped with smartphone, laptop or electronic devices that can access the internet and App Store or Google Play Store

How can I know that if I have successfully enrolled in the Glocal Hero International programme? Do I need to pay to participate in this Glocal Hero International?

For international participants, there is no payment fee. If you have enrolled through your school/ workcamp organization before, please confirm your registration by completing the following form: https://forms.gle/dtZUEF9ZTtciwbd86

For participants from Hong Kong, the only payment needed is to create a Patreon account and pay its monthly subscription ($20USD). You are free to unsubscribe from Patreon after the 2-week programme ends. Please refer to VolTra’s website for more details: https://www.voltra.org/zh/voltrapatreon2020/ 

How long is the duration of the Glocal Hero International programme?

The duration of this programme will be 2-weeks long, with an online Kick-off on the [1st of August] and from the [8 – 24th of August], with the flexibility of allowing participants to choose their own dates to complete mission challenges. 

What happens if I am suddenly unavailable in August 2020, and will I be able to withdraw from the programme? 

The mission challenges allow the freedom for participants to choose their own schedule and process to complete the activities. It’s not necessary to complete all the missions, but we encourage you to try your best to do as much as you can.

At the end of the programme, we will calculate your total points that are collected to ultimately gain $1000 HKD for your group’s chosen charity. 

Will this programme be potentially affected by the pandemic of COVID-19?

The majority of the programme is accessible using online platforms, such as the mission challenges and Bootcamps I & II. You can connect with people from all around the world no matter where you are! 


B: Bootcamps and Events

What events will need mandatory attendance in the programme?

Glocal Hero International 2020 will consist of the following:

(i) Online Kickoff Session [1st of Aug], 

(ii) Bootcamp I [8th of Aug] & 

(iii) Bootcamp II [22nd of Aug] 

In what format will I participate in these events? What are the times of the events?

Our events would be conducted through an online platform. You can join the events by connecting to our live videos/live discussions with your digital device.

Various time-slots will be available for participants from different time zones to choose their best timing to join.

Can I still complete the Glocal Hero International programme if I am not available to attend all the events?

As long as you are able to:

  • Complete 2 out of 3 mandatory events; and
  • Complete 100% of group mission challenges; and
  • 50% of individual mission challenges are attained,

You will have completed the Glocal Hero International programme!

What do the Bootcamps consist of? 

Bootcamp I (8th Aug) aims to facilitate participants to meet other international Glocal Heroes, using interactive games and training to introduce and expand cross-cultural knowledge and awareness. 

Bootcamp II (22th Aug) allows participants to complete a ‘social project’ and a presentation at our Virtual International Festival! Selected groups with impressive social projects would have the opportunity to receive up to $3000 HKD at most, for your chosen charity.  

Do I have to form a team to participate? What if I don’t have a team member?

It is recommended for participants to form their own groups starting from our Kickoff Session till Bootcamp I, as mission challenges will start from Bootcamp I on the 8th of Aug. To facilitate international interactions and co-operation, group members in the same team should be composed of individuals with diverse nationalities.

Voltra will provide ways for participants to interact with each other, however, the forming of groups will ultimately be the participants’ responsibilities. 

Is it possible to choose my own group with friends that are also in the programme?

VolTra will try to gather participants who have similar interested topics of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants should take on the responsibility of forming an integrated group of international participants to facilitate cultural exchanges of individuals and communities. 


C: Mobile App

What online platform will the Glocal Hero International programme be using?

VolTra has developed a mobile application that allows mission challenges to be conducted globally with other Glocal Heroes. Details about the mobile application will be released at a later time. Please make sure that your electronic device is able to access the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Can you help me with issues downloading and/or using the mobile app?

We are currently updating the app! If you are enrolled in the programme, we will send you an email with download details as soon as possible.

Do I have to use my real name on the app? 

After you have downloaded the ‘Glocal Hero Action’ from the App Store or Google Play Store, you will be asked to log in with your Facebook account.  

Please make sure that your name matches your ID that you have provided VolTra, as winners will be verified with an identification proof.

How do I submit mission challenge tasks?

You will find the list of tasks on the main page, and once you click on your chosen mission, you will see the difficulty, miles of the mission and how many users have completed the task. Below you will find the task submission; this will bring you to a page where you will upload your submission.

How do I form groups?

You can create your own group by simply entering the group name. Remember, the group name can’t be changed once its formed! You will then receive a passcode which you can share with your groupmates so they can join your group in the App. 

How do I join an existing group?

Your groupmate who created the group should receive a passcode. Ask them to share the group name and passcode with you. Input the information and you can join the group in the App!

How should I do the tasks?

The requirements of each task are clearly written in the App, you can refer back to these requirements. If you are not sure how to do these tasks, you can always ask your groupmates and other Glocal Heros for some tips in our Facebook Group! Our Glocal Hero Leaders will also be here if you need some assistance. However, remember to attempt before seeking help. 

Why aren’t my tasks approved?

Please be patient. Our Glocal Hero Leaders are working hard to approve all of the tasks. We have around 6000 tasks to be approved in total! Don’t worry, we will approve it as soon as possible and the time of approval won’t affect your final results. 

I can’t submit the tasks. What should I do?

Try to reopen or reinstall the application. If you still fail to submit the tasks, please provide ALL of the information below in ONE message.

i) User name: 

ii) Contact Number:

iii) Problem:

iv) Related Task Number: 

v) ***Related Cap screen**** <- most important!


D: Prize and Awards

What prizes will be awarded to participants? How will the scores be calculated?

We will calculate the score you have by the number of mission challenges completed. When the targeted score is met and the social project is completed, groups will have the opportunity to donate $1,000 HKD to the charity of their choice, with the top 3 groups with the highest scores receiving an additional $2,000 HKD! 

Selected groups will have the exclusive opportunity to attend our Bootcamp II, in which presentations will be performed, with additional bonus points awarded to the best groups by our audience. Joining Bootcamp II allows a higher opportunity for a higher final score. Those who are unable to attend will receive instructions at a later time regarding bonus points.

The top 50 individuals with the highest total points will potentially secure a cultural exchange opportunity to meet up with group members and friends made through this programme! (Details to be confirmed at a later date)

What can I do to gain a higher chance to win the competition?

To be invested and fully in the process of the programme and be attentive to your self-development! In addition, having close communication with your groupmates after your team is formed and keeping a close eye on the latest news via Facebook may be advantageous! 

If I successfully win the reward, what volunteer programmes can I choose to participate in? What if the global pandemic conditions persist?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Hong Kong government advises against unnecessary travel. As we cannot estimate when the pandemic will end, the overseas volunteer projects that the winners are participants of will be handled with flexibility.

Currently, all the physical travel events between different countries are not encouraged, therefore, physical volunteer programmes in 2021 are still yet to be confirmed. After the safety of our participants is ensured, we shall resume the routine arrangements of sending our volunteers overseas and recommence with our VolTra spirit!