Mission Achievement

Mission Highlights

1) Creative Artist

#global_awareness #achievement

As many museums are closed due to the pandemic, the Dutch National Museum (Rijksmuseum) launched an interesting challenge. Please use your imagination to use your everyday home items to creatively imitate and reconstruct artwork you find interesting!

2) 404 Not Found

#global_awareness #achievement

The world is often undiscovered and unexplored, how many countries have you set foot in? Life and resources are limited to travel to every corner of the world, but we can understand the world in other ways. Try to find a lesser-known country and uncover the unknown!

3) A Light in the Dark

#local_awareness #meaning

Due to COVID-19, our daily lives are interrupted; It is understandable to be filled with negative emotions. Let us be the change and spread love to those around us! Choose someone who is affected by the pandemic, write a letter and/or prepare a little gift for them, and deliver your letter and care to them face-to-face under a feasible and safe situation.

4) Vegetarian Vision

#glocal_awareness #meaning

Vegetarianism is gaining its traction globally, with more people advocating for the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Try to become a vegetarian for 2 consecutive days and experience the novel experience of vegetarianism, explore and share the most profound feelings discovered through a vegetarian experience! 

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