Glocal Mission Challenge

  • Conduct time-limited missions and share your results anytime, anywhere in the world through the mobile application developed by VolTra
  • Complete localised individual tasks at your own pace & perform tasks with international members as a group!
  • Expand intercultural teamwork skills and societal awareness, promoting the exchange of cultural knowledge
  • Missions are based on your community, use your expertise to respond to community needs, and to share with members globally


Examples Include:

  • Social Project  :  Using Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), discuss and plan with your teammates to address a need in one’s community. Your social project must reach 100 individuals and include aspects of self-discovery, creativity, local and/or global awareness. Selected groups will present their social projects at our Global Citizen’s Festival in Bootcamp II. 
  • One Second Rule: Try recording just 1 second each day for 2 weeks, it could be the most memorable moment of the day or just a random video of yourself. Combine videos from the 2 weeks, and you just might learn intriguing habits about yourself!
  • Date @ Dawn:Sunrises are always an unforgettable and beautiful sight to see. As a way to bring your group together, seeing the sunrise on the same day in your respective time zones will be fascinating to see the differences of the sunrise in your home countries. As you are all international participants, decide on the one day where your group members and yourself will see the same sunrise! 
  • Cooking Club: Start a recipe club where every group member utilizes the same exact ingredient and cook it as a local in your country would. This demonstrates the cultural differences through the universal food products we all eat!
  • See You Offline:Humans often do not experience a day without the use of modern technology, specifically, our mobile phones. Challenge yourself and attempt to leave the online world and strive in the offline reality for 24 hours and observe your emotions!